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Green Power Analyzer (GPA)

GO Green! Basically when it comes to power management software options, enterprises pretty much have two courses they can take: opt for one of the standalone Centralized Power Management packages, or handle this sort of management through a broader Desktop Management suite, which now includes Centralized Power Profile management.
It is time to step up to the NEXT GENERATION of Green IT.

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Interact ES - End User performance

With its patented technology (US Patent 6,959,265), provides a unique user-centric view of performance, quality of service, and resource usage. It quantifies service levels permitting comparison over time, groups of users or types of applications. It is an effective window into the performance impact of infrastructure changes, workload growth, troubleshooting and application evolution.

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Serden's softwares (interact Es and GPA) are serving Enterprises and SMBs since 2005. Interact ES & GPA are the preferred End User Experience solutions for Lenovo customers. It delivers a cost effective analysis of your business environment to find ways to decrease cost, increase performance, and improve the end user experience. Additionally information and data is available for customers that use Lenovo Personal Computers.

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Latest news!

Posted Feb 11,2013

Our partnership with Rocky Mountain Power, is offering a new PC Power Management Incentive to School Districts in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho This is a unique opportunity for schools to conserve energy, save energy costs, and obtain additional funding for School District at NO COST to the school district. The School Districts will receive $2 per seat donation funding for every PC that the power is managed by Serden.

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